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Speech by Pnesident

        In present society, luxurious decorations, modern facilities and well-closed air-conditioning self-circulationsystems, etc. for high buildings, provide with comfortable environments, but also bring along serious indoor pollution.
        In addition to dust, bacteria and germs fron outdoors,there are still a great amount of other pollution microbes, various odors, mildew, bacteria and germs, etc. Totaling over 2000kinds of harmful matters polluting indoor air quality, existing indoors originally where people move about.Therefore, bad indoor air not only affects people`s mood and decreases work efficiency, but is also harmful to physical and mental health.

        SDJ Technology,timely introducing in, developing and producing IAC electronic air cleaning sterilizers up to advanced global levels,workrd out perfect integrated solution as per users`different demands, featuring novel style and easy installation, and capable of removing hazardous microbes, organic conpounds, inhallable particles and radioactive gases, thus faciliating people`s physical and mental health.

        Science and technology lend infinite wings to dreams; lives become more colorful because of science and technology. That is why we hope you will sign with such feeling when you enjoy total new products and services offered by SDJ Technology and when you breathe the clean fresh air: my choice is absolutely correct!